Soapbox: The long and painful road to my first crazy NFL 21 online victory

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I like American football games (I also try to collect all the balls I made); I am not very good at American football games. Although I can usually rely on Madden 21 Coins to contend with myself, I have been suffering from painful online dating for a long time. Every opportunity will frustrate me. I have won the previous games, but have achieved a 0-14 record in Madden NFL 21 Ultimate Team mode. My goal is to win a game.

In order to compete, I knew that I would have to receive a period of education. As a British, I have to learn more detailed information about American football by myself; the primary strategy of football is a habit for me the next day, because I grew up in a country where sport is a religion. However, although the NFL is becoming more and more popular here, I don't have a lifetime of knowledge to learn from; in high school, I didn't play iron. For the past five years or so, I have only considered myself a fan.

Of course, those who are familiar with this sport will know that there are more things besides helmets and shoulder pads: NFL games are both a chess game and a sport. Obviously, I know many basic strategies: running the ball to chew the clock, it makes sense to use blitz in the third and longer scenes, and you will need to use the sideline in the two-minute practice.

Although I have learned a lot of these basic knowledge, I know that my tactical understanding of the sport is not enough to compete with better players online. For example, when encountering a mobile quarterback like Michael Vick, I can't stop them from scrambling to make huge gains. Later, I learned to assign a spy to one of the guards, allowing me to stop receivers in Man’s coverage, but still felt that the quarterback could not easily sprint to first place.

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