Path of Exile: Heist Hits On September 18th

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On September 18th, Grinding Gear Games will release the latest update.

Next we will introduce some new content added by the new update.

There are many changes in this update. The player’s primary task is to hire some robbers to steal cultural relics or POE Currency in the rogue port.

The Rogue Port is a new town-like area where you will gather crews for heist. At the port, you can pay various thieves to assist you. The crew has a variety of skills that are essential to help you complete the heist.

You can hire 13 thieves to assist you in the heist. Rogues are scattered throughout the rogue port, ready to be hired with Markers. At the port, you will be engaged in planning robberies, talking with NPCs, buying and selling goods, and crafting. You can enter the port by spending markers in towns or your hideout. Once in Rogue Harbour, the plan begins!

Not all 13 gangsters can rob with you. The four gangsters will provide services to help you plan your capers. They provide things like transportation or Intel. Intel is critical to ensuring the success of the robbery. Without it, when the endless guards attack you, you will find yourself at the end of your struggle for survival. If you die, you will return empty-handed.

Among the nine rascals, there is a group of professionals like lock picking. Besides the major talents, gangsters also have up to three sub-skills to use. Every time you successfully complete a heist, the skills that thieves used to assist you gain experience. As their experience grows and you open more and more Intel, you can plan for Grand Heist. Before starting any robbery, you need to get a contract and a mark.

Contracts and tokens are new items specific to heist, falling from monsters throughout the game, including heist. Marking is a new form of currency. Through Rogues, you can trade various skills and services. It mainly uses them for all functions of the heist. During the robbery, if you can steal the cultural relics stipulated in the contract, you can sell the cultural relics back to the fence to earn a lot of points.

The contract represents the location you need to rob. Each contract is attached to the artifact that needs to be stolen. You can use the dropped contract or POE Currency PS4 to make your own contract. The higher the quality of the contract, the more difficult it is for you to rob.

To compensate for the increased difficulty, your rewards will be more. The rolls of different modifiers are random, but like all handmade items in POE, players will quickly discover the modifier pool, which contains the specific currency used to change them. Like most POE leagues, it can carry heist out around level 3. Heist is essentially a new map that has been added to the game and can be accessed before the game content is over.