Film faced plywood product is a multi purpose type of engineered wood

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Film faced plywood product is a multi purpose type of engineered wood

Film faced plywood product is a multi purpose type of engineered wood

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Plywood is a multi purpose type of engineered wood which is made from thin sheets of wood veneer. Plywood has been manufactured for thousands of years and was originally produced due to a shortage of fine wood. A common reason for using plywood instead of timber is its stability, with its superior resistance to cracking, shrinkage, twisting and warping.

There are many different qualities of plywood available suitable for a huge range of applications. Veneer quality, glue type and timber species are the differentiating elements that will determine the plywood type suitable for China plywood supplier.Plywood can be used in construction for bracing, concrete formwork, hoardings, exterior and external cladding, flooring, boat building, packaging as well as for decorative applications with furniture, cabinetry, benchtops, doors, partitions and signs, to list a few.

Interior Plywood: Plywoods for interior use only are made from various hardwood and softwood species, and can only be used in interior applications such as wall sheathing, furniture (where exposure to moisture is limited) and cabinetry. Interior plywood is available in most grades, as well as in a number of hardwood species.
After pressing, the glued sheets are trimmed on all four sides into the size requested by the customer: for example, 1250x2500 mm or 1220x2440 mm, with a precision up to 3 mm. In the production of film faced plywood, the machine performs a preliminary trim to 1290x2550 mm, so that after applying the film, the sheet can be trimmed again, taking off the commercial plywood import.

To obtain a finished piece of plywood, several sheets of veneer must be glued together. The fibers in each layer of veneer are perpendicular to each other, which gives strength to the finished product. The finished sheets are resistant to any kind of deformation. This property makes plywood an ideal material for formwork systems in concrete construction.

In the production of birch plywood, an odd number of veneer sheets are glued together into a piece of plywood 3 to 40 mm thick. The sheets are glued together using an adhesive that is also produced here, in a special mixer. It consists of chalk, water, resin, and wood or rye flour. Strict adherence to the production guidelines of the adhesive is crucial in order prevent the layers of film faced plywood product from ungluing. Modern mills have equipment that automatically adjusts the proportions of the adhesive's ingredients in line with the formulation of the solution.