Rocket League Guide: How to Score Goals Easy

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You can prevent yourself from flailing into the back of your own net by ensuring that you rotate into defence via your back post. This gives

There's no question Rocket League is a video game phenomenon, a fast-moving soccer-themed effort that shakes things up by replacing players with durable little cars. Rocket League is all about scoring goals, and it's not quite as easy as it looks. Armed with these tips, you'll find more opportunities to put the ball in the net and give your team the go-ahead point.

Camera Settings

Rocket League has two camera options while playing. There is the standard behind the car camera, and the ball camera. The behind the car camera keeps the view behind you, and has allows for much easier camera rotation while moving around. Since the ball is hard to keep track of in any arena, an arrow will indicate its locations at all times. This camera should be used when you’re just rushing around looking for boosts, or just running interference. It’s the easiest view to use while driving around and is best if you aren’t trying to be the scoring hero of your team.

Now for those who want points on the board during Rocket League games the ball cam is definitely for you, but you must keep in mind that at first it will make driving pretty weird. In this mode, the ball will always be center of your screen, even if it’s high in the sky. That means there will be times where the camera shifts to completely eliminate the view of where you’re driving. This is something players can get used to over time, but is a bit disorienting at first. Yet, although it can be dizzying, knowing where the ball is at all times allows for the player to set up shots, and always get those crucial touches. Just make sure to let your team know you’re in ball cam, that way they aren’t stuck wondering why you’re driving so erratically.


Rocket League has lots of controls and some aren’t even bound to the controller to begin with, such as air roll left and air roll right. Change these up so that you can be faster at making your car go where you want it to. But even if you go with the default controller setup, changing your boost to a different button that will let you trigger it with a different finger to the one you use to jump will make you faster at getting off the ground in almost all situations.

You should also find a convenient spot for ‘air roll left’ or ‘air roll right’ as that unlocks the ability to do the very scary – and nigh impossible to consistently achieve – tornado flick. That move is so advanced that this guide doesn’t even cover it… however, having that manoeuvrability to hand will allow you to achieve the next move in our tips list.


You can prevent yourself from flailing into the back of your own net by ensuring that you rotate into defence via your back post. This gives you a number of advantages. First, you probably picked up your corner boost or farmed about 36 boost from pads as you curved into position next to the post. Second, because the only way to get there is through your corner, you’ll have given yourself a great overview of the developing offensive play that your opponents are setting up. Third, you can now boost to every point of the goal making it much harder for opponents to get the ball past you. Finally, rotating in such a predictable way makes it easy for your team mates to fall in behind you as you go for the challenge, and allows your team to cycle through the goalkeeper role very efficiently.

Hold Backs

If you’re the furthest car back on your team, you are the last line of defense for your goal. As tempting as it might be to try and fly across the whole pitch for an epic aerial play, try and hold off on committing until you know for sure you’re beating the other team to the ball, and that your teammates in front of you aren’t going for the ball themselves. Double or triple committing is one of the biggest mistakes that newer players make, so be patient to avoid booping bumpers, even if your teammates won’t extend the favour.

Understand Kick Offs

Kick offs can both prevent and cause goals in either direction very quickly, flipping the momentum of a game. There are a variety of kick offs in Rocket League, but it’s hard to beat a simple, rock-solid kick off – nothing fancy. The reason being it gives you a solid wall and stops the ball coming anywhere near your half.

Use Nose

Your nose is one of the hardest hitting parts of your car because of the way Rocket League’s physics work, so you want to use it as much as possible.our back is actually just as powerful, but you can’t boost backwards, so the nose wins. The front corner bumper is technically the hardest, but requires a lot more precision, so stick with the nose until you’re comfortable. Use air roll to invert your car on high aerials, allowing you to hit the ball down at the car without any risk of getting the wheel touch that will slow the ball down and remove all your power.

Perfect Shooting Skills

We have already talked on page one about the fact that flat shots are usually triggered by jumping into the ball, whereas a high shot is usually the result of driving into the leather. How you get the ball on goal in a given situation depends on the position of the leather and your relative position. Driving to the left of a ball that threatens to dove from the left post, a jump followed by a roll to the right (jump button, stick to the right, jump button again) is the right choice. So you push the ball back towards the box. On the other hand, you correct the course accordingly with the reverse maneuver.

Of course, “flip back” are also possible if you stand with your back to the gate. Jump vertically into the air, pull the stick backwards and press the jump button again as soon as the leather comes down. Always make sure that a frontal shot, if it comes too high and bounces off the wall of the enemy gate, can often become a direct scoring chance for your opponent. So don’t get annoyed for long, but go straight back.

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