A Family-Inspired Wedding

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Eoin, an engineer originally from Ireland, and Dana, an instructor, married on 23 April 2016 inside a Roman Catholic ceremony in Annapolis, Maryland, the USA having a reception AF afterward.

Dana's father was within the US Navy class of 1967 and married her motherly in the same venue, therefore it was a very special place for that bride. The day was inspired by details in the couple's different Irish and American backgrounds, and their own families and their stories – cue plenty of family portraits framed so beautifully. All of it was woven right into a recolor of our pattern of deep plum with splashes of fresh green and bright pinks.

Dana and Eoin met online on and sparks flew on the first date of dinner and drinks.

"We dated for around two years before Eoin proposed. He proposed around the dock inside my parents' house around the Chesapeake Bay around the day after Christmas. While getting recorded on one knee, he 'accidentally' dropped a fake diamond engagement ring into the water however proceeded to drag out the real ring… only, obviously, after permitting a couple of moments of sheer panic on my small part!"

"Shock from Eoin's little prank quickly gave way to elation, and I said a resounding 'yes'. We were built with a short engagement of 4 months and married the next April."

Dana decided on a classically beautiful lacy dress and she added her mother's re-embroidered Alencon lace veil from her very own wedding in 1968; a detail adore. The high neckline from the gown is really pretty whilst the sleek skirt and train keep your look so modern.

"I tried on the few dresses before the one I chose, but I'll always remember feeling just bride when I first slipped into my wedding gown. I especially loved the lace around the bodice from the dress and ¾ sleeves, the 'eyelash' neck, line, and also the clean crêpe skirt. It helped me feel like I was stepping directly into something classic and stylish."

The mauve bridesmaid dresses' color pattern was apparent within that have been a floor-length, convertible style to allow for their very own taste and shape. They wore their very own choice of silver open-toed heels.

The inspiration for that couple's wedding flowers was the English country garden, which was interpreted to produce these gorgeous bouquets filled with clean white and pink flowers with plenty of fresh greenery.

The couple exchanged rings, an ordinary wedding band ring for Eoin along with a half eternity band for Dana before they pronounced couple. Very importantly, these were able to spend just a little private time with one another before the afternoon's celebrations began in earnest.

"A very memorable highlight for both Eoin and were was having our photos taken within the Superintendent's garden behind the chapel directly as we were married.  As the afternoon sun beamed down around the garden, this would be a special time for all of us to the type of catch our breath and thin the moment before going to the reception."

"Hannah includes a natural talent for capturing beautiful, candid moments out of your wedding day, never very seems to tell their very own little story! She puts everyone comfortable, in the groomsmen joking ar before the ceremony towards the more structured, formal photos from the entire family. Hannah was particularly thoughtful concerning the little things that they knew Eoin and I would appreciate being included, such as the book of 'Advice towards the Bride' from my Kindergarten class that year. It's clear that Hannah includes a lo and adoration for photographing such memorable days also it shines through in their own ures."

"One of my favorite rite photos of my parents on the wedding day is one by which they are taking a look at one another within the front doorway from the Alumni House. I love the way it seems to capture this small, private moment at their reception. It's a photograph in their album that I've always admired. As Eoin and I had our reception at the same venue, we asked Hannah if she could recreate this photo of Eoin and myself in the same doorway. Her portrayal ended up beautifully and is an attractive post in our wedding album, especially once we celebrated my parents' 50th anniversary this year."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Relax enjoy yourself. You will be with all your friends and family who want to celebrate your day with you plus they won't care about the details. Try and 'enjoy the moment' and discover a minute to consider it all in."

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