Keep healthy start with a standing desk

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FEZIBO height adjustable desk is topped with our beautiful, eco-friendly bamboo desktops. From top to frame, we've streamlined assembly to make it possible for you to have your desk up and running in fifteen minutes



坐得太久会导致严重的背部、颈部、肩部和手腕受伤。许多在办公室工作 9 到 5 小时或更长时间的上班族在最终决定休息时会感到身体疼痛。许多上班族经历了如此多的痛苦,以至于他们加入了物理治疗并接受了按摩。这种背压会导致慢性背部问题。只需购买站立式办公桌就可以帮助解决这个问题。


站立有益于心脏健康的观点最早是在 1953 年提出的。一项研究发现,整天站立的公交车售票员死于心脏病的可能性是坐在驾驶座上的同事的一半。从那时起,科学家们对坐姿对心脏健康的影响有了更好的了解。久坐被认为会使患心脏病的风险增加多达 147%。整天坐着的负面影响甚至不能被一个小时的严格活动所抵消。它是如此有害,以至于即使是一个小时的剧烈运动也无法弥补整天坐着的负面影响。毫无疑问,多花点时间在脚上对你的心脏有好处。站立式办公桌的优势就是你可以在白天坐着和站着切换,这样会降低心脏病发作的风险。


Generally speaking, the higher the blood glucose level after a meal, the worse it will be for your health. This is especially true for those with insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes. In a small study of 10 office workers, standing for 180 minutes after lunch reduced the increase in blood glucose by 43%, while the waiting time was different. Both groups took the same steps, indicating that the smaller peak was due to standing rather than additional body movement around the office. Another study involving 23 office workers found that during the whole working day, the rotation between standing and sitting every 30 minutes could reduce the peak blood glucose by an average of 11.1%. The harmful effects of sitting after meals may help explain why sedentary time is associated with a 112% higher risk of type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that using a standing desk at work can reduce blood sugar levels, especially after lunch.

(4)Extended life

Some studies have shown that sedentary people have shorter lives. Usually, people attribute this to lack of exercise and regular walking habits, but sitting all day is also a cause of reduced life expectancy.

According to the daily mail of June 17, a woman recently tried to use a standing desk for a month, which was amazing for her health and the benefits of her work! The woman said that at first she just wanted to change her sedentary lifestyle, so she tried the FEZIBO adjustable desk, She said, "standing makes it easier for you to move. You are no longer tied to the chair. It not only increases your blood flow to the brain, but also speeds up your metabolism, making you more active and efficient. You can also adjust the table to return to the sitting position, but personally, I won't feel tired standing all the time."


How to convert a corner table to an electric height adjustable corner table

We'll show you how it works.If you have a tilted desk that you want to convert into an electrically adjustable height desk, this is easy to do today. It is only necessary to replace the existing rigid table rack with lineardirect electric height adjustable angle table rack.

The electric height adjustable angle table frame of FEZIBO electric standing desk adopts 3-in-1 design.This means that you can use 3 different desktop angles in a group. The electric corner table rack can be used for 90 ° - 120 ° and 180 ° table geometry angles.

Clean the table before starting disassembly. After this, you can turn the table upside down with the help of a colleague. To do this, place aluminum foil, fiber wool or carpet between the floor and the table.

After placing the table on the floor with the table legs facing up, unscrew the screws that extend from the table frame to the table and remove the old table frame. After the old table rack is removed, the three-piece electric height adjustable corner table rack / corner table rack can be assembled according to the instructions. Screw on the slide plate and make sure that all screws are tight and secure. Be careful not to over tighten the screws as they may peel or tear.



电动转角桌架可承重150公斤。对于带有 PC、多台显示器和文书工作的办公桌来说,这已经足够了。得益于三个强大的电机,我们实现了这种强大的提升力。负载下的运行速度为 38 mm/s。由于采用了开关电源,转角桌架可以在 100 V 到 240 V 的电源电压下工作。这意味着它也可以在欧洲和北美使用。行程为 650 毫米,工作台高度范围为 580 毫米至 1230 毫米。