How to protect your health by using cannabis safely

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As the legalization of marijuana sweeps the planet, an unprecedented number of people are using cannabis for recreational and medical purposes.

Not only that, many of them grow it organically at home using feminized or autoflowering cannabis seeds. With so many people around using cannabis, it makes sense to think about the least unhealthy way to use it. Read on to find out more about this.

How is cannabis usually used in the company? A jamb is twisted, which friends pass to each other. However, more and more people are thinking about their health. Recently, some new ways have been discovered to consume marijuana without burning it. One of the most popular modern methods is the use of an evaporator. The ground grass is lightly toasted in it, like in a toaster, and the plant slowly emits steam at a temperature of 180-200ºC. These delightful vapors contain not only THC, but also terpenes and other cannabinoids in the form of a light mist to be inhaled. Many believe that the vaporizer provides an incomparable purity of "high" that is not accompanied by the taste of smoke and burnt tobacco. There is no combustion, which means you don't inhale smoke, carbon monoxide, tar or other harmful by-products of combustion.

"Hovering" cannabis has other benefits as well. It's a much more stealthy way than smoking a joint. The vaporizer can be used outdoors, and no one in the vicinity will guess that you are smoking in front of them. "Hovering" also allows you to increase the period of exposure by 2-3 times compared to smoking. This is because a lot of the valuable cannabis and THC just escape into the atmosphere when you smoke a joint. So if you've been smoking marijuana most of your life, it might be time to kick the habit and get yourself a vaporizer.

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