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Only a pair of vulture-like dark eyes, with a gloomy smell of death.

To this, Yin Lihua feels helpless, the heart grows on Deng Feng body, he wants to like who, she cannot control. Just like Deng Yu, all she can do is to alienate and avoid. However, under the same roof, even if she is hiding again, where can she hide? In the final analysis, it is better to live comfortably in your own home. She privately discussed with Yin Shi, Gengshi Emperor is now unable to protect himself, it is impossible to remember that she is such a number one person, it is time for them to move back to Xinye. Yin Shi agreed with her, so they agreed with Mrs. Yin that in another two months, after Yu gave birth smoothly, the whole family would move back to Xinye. Yu Shi has been pregnant for seven months, and she can't take her on her way casually. Sometimes, looking at Yu's belly, she could not help thinking that if her child could be born, she would learn to call her mother, right? I don't know if it will be a boy or a girl. But in the final analysis, it was her fault, knowing that she was pregnant with a child, but also ran outside to sit in the ice and snow for a night, and the child was lost. She can't blame anyone but herself. Before falling asleep, she curled up in the thin quilt,brushed stainless steel sheet, buried her head between her arms, quietly thinking, Liu Xiu and his princess Guo, should also have a child? During the day, I overheard several slaves and maidservants of the Deng Mansion talking about her, and they all expressed their pity. The main room was in the Deng Mansion, but the latter lived in the Wenming Palace in Handan, called Princess. What he said all insinuated that Liu Xiu, the king of Xiao,304 stainless steel wire, had abandoned his wife and was ungrateful. When Xi Yan heard this, Liu Mei stood on end and went up to scold him, but she pulled him back. This is Deng Fu's maidservant, not the Yin family. Think about it, what happened to her, no wonder people pity her, even she feels too pitiful. It's really enough for a woman to mix up with her. In this way, he fell asleep in a daze. I don't know how long it took, but an inexplicable sense of existence made her uneasy in her sleep, but this feeling slowly became more and more real. She opened her eyes suddenly, and a pair of dark eyes were staring at her. Her mind was blank for a moment, unable to do any thinking, only looking at the eyes, like a game of life and death, who blinked first, who was defeated. Her hands groped slowly in the thin quilt, but she could not find any defensive weapon on the bed. She opened her mouth suddenly, trying to shout for help. But at the moment she opened her mouth, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, the man quickly covered her mouth and nose with a ball of cloth. There was a very bad smell on the cloth, and at first she wanted to struggle to make some noise to alert her, but suddenly she felt weak and weak, and her mind began to show chaos. The cloth was drugged. She knew that she must not faint at this time, the tip of her tongue against her teeth, with the only strength left, the upper and lower teeth hit hard, a sense of pain hit her mind, the tip of her tongue came a smell of blood, her eyes Pure Brightness in an instant. I saw more than one person in the room, and there were three others! Several people gathered around, and she heard one of them whisper, "I haven't fainted yet. This little lady can really hold out." "Anyway, we have to get rid of it quickly." Then several people started at the same time, tied the cloth on her mouth, tied her hands and feet, carried her, then opened the door and jumped out. She watched helplessly as Xi Yan's life and death in the chaotic room were left on the edge of the couch. She, on the other hand, was carried farther and farther away from Deng Fu in the dodge. Her mind became more and more confused, and before she closed her eyes, the only thought that crossed her mind was that she had been kidnapped. Chapter 15 lay down one's life (6). When she woke up again, she was in a rickety carriage, her mouth and hands and feet still bound. She calmed down and looked around. But she saw that the car was sealed, there was no curtain, only a few gaps in the side board, she struggled, trying to sit up, thinking through the gap to see where it was now. But as soon as she moved twice, a cold voice came from outside the curtain, "Mrs. Liu, I advise you not to move." She immediately froze, and after a long time, the man did not speak again. She slowly rubbed the car board with the back of her head, trying to loosen the cloth tied to her mouth. Kidnapping is not something she hasn't experienced in modern times, so she's not afraid. But here is the most chaotic period of the Han Dynasty, good people and bad people all kinds of heroes appear, she must not be taken lightly. She was a little girl who lived in Deng Mansion and had never made enemies with others. The only one most involved with her, is Liu Xiu. And just that person called her "Mrs Liu", obviously know her relationship with Liu Xiu. So who kidnapped her? The first thing she thought of was Gengshi Emperor Liu Xuan. With Liu Xiu Wang Lang is dead, the bronze horse army could not know that she is such a number one person, the only goal at present, is to know her and Liu Xiu's fetters, and because Liu Xiu refused to return and hate the first emperor Liu Xuan. Liu Xuan, she hid for two years, and was caught by him. The curtain of the car was suddenly lifted, and a very ugly face came in, with cold eyes and a murderous look. What Yin Lihua remembers most clearly is this pair of eyes. I advised Mrs. Liu to be more honest. If she made a little more noise, she would feel better. Yin Lihua stared at him and snorted twice. The man suddenly hooked his lips and smiled sadly. "Madam, this is the countryside, and we four men with such a beautiful young lady as Madam can't bear it.". If your ladyship is really considerate of us, please go on. Immediately outside the curtain came a few wretched laughter. Yin Lihua's eyes narrowed slightly, looking at the cold eyes, knowing that this was not just a threat. When the man saw that Yin Lihua was not moving, he slowly retreated to the outside. Until the carriage stopped at the edge of the ridge, she still had no good way to get away. The curtain of the car was lifted again,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, and it was still the same man. He bent down to come in, and the already narrow space was immediately blocked without light. Only a pair of vulture-like dark eyes, with a gloomy smell of death. sxthsteel.com