Burn the sky

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The Vajra Pagoda has a vast space, and Chen Qi's four female disciples have already transformed the second floor into a rather luxurious one.

Chen Qi laughed and said, "Don't come, don't come. I accept you as an apprentice, not as an ancestor.". I am impatient to make any terms with you. I have no shortage of disciples, so I will let it go. When Chen Qi finished, he didn't listen to him. With a wave of his hand, he sent the two monks, the old and the young, down together. He only summoned Fu Zhao. He asked a few questions carefully and patiently pointed them out. Fu Zhao got a great benefit. Then he ordered, "There are four elder martial sisters above you. Now that you have worshipped me, you must meet these elder martial sisters." With a shout from Chen Qi, Lu Hongying and Rongrong, who were practicing on the second floor of the Diamond Pagoda, as well as Sima Ziyan and Sima Qingyan sisters, all hurried up. Even Wan Fang and Little Fox Xun Yuzao, who were practicing with the four girls on the second floor, all came up to see the excitement. Pointing to Fuzhao, the little bat spirit, Chen Qiyi said to the girls, "This is my fifth new disciple. He is your younger brother.". Now that he has opened the four senses of Buddhism, his cultivation is still above you. If you don't work hard, you will be outdone. Lu Hongying was a big disciple of Chen Qi. Her face turned red when she heard this. Her aptitude was really not very good. Although she had a famous teacher like Chen Qi, the little thief was too lazy to give more advice. He just passed on some unfashionable magic. Naturally, he did not enter the country much, and he was still at the level of refining Qi into the body. Rongrong is better than Lu Hongying, but it is only the level of Qi induction. Chen Qi taught the disciples the Fire Crow Sutra, but he did not point out the method of Congealing the Evil Spirit. Therefore, Rongrong can only rely on the golden scales to protect her body. The real way is not as good as the good omen. Sima Ziyan and Sima Qingyan sisters, although got the white rainbow and Bi Gang two flying swords, practice is also the true formula of the sword royal thunder, but Chen Qi pointed out less, the two sisters practice is also very hard, but also than the good omen. When the four girls saw that the master had accepted disciples again, and that they were better than them as soon as they began to practice,Magnesium Oxide price, they all had the idea of working hard. The 11th is my birthday, and I feel very happy with people on the micro-blog in the evening. I know I'm wrong, so I beg you readers to forgive me. Tomorrow, fifteen thousand words in the fifth watch, as an apology. So, I still strive for a red ticket. Small. Say .t.xt. God . Don 347. Try Congealing Dan Lu Hongying began to practice the Fire Cloud Method, and later got the Fire Crow Sutra taught by Chen Qi. She has been practicing the Taoism of the Fire System, but it is based on a group of true fire seeds given by Chen Qi at the beginning. When Chen Qi gave this female disciple the seed of true fire, the Taoism of the fire system itself was also shallow, and Lu Hongying's aptitude was really not very good, so no matter how hard he practiced, his entry had been quite slow. As a disciple of Chen Qi, Xiu Wei is at the end of the five disciples. Rongrong is better than her. She has also practiced some Buddhism and the magic of the Fire Crow Sutra, as well as the Taoism of the ancient true immortal Xin Shenzi, which was passed down by Tian Gu Xian Niang. She is the most complicated one among Chen Qi's disciples. In addition, she has practiced Taoism for the longest time and is the one with the deepest Taoism among the four female disciples. Chen Qi took one look at the two female disciples and thought for a moment. He thought to himself, "Lu Hongying is not qualified to practice Taoism. Although Rongrong is somewhat qualified, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, it is impossible for her to practice to a very high level. They can't even pass the first pass of the four realms of Taoism.". Although it is selfish of me to accept both of them, now that I have come under my door, I will give them a clear way. As soon as Chen Qiwu's fingers were empty, a flame turned over in his palm. Wan Fang, Xun Yuzao, and his five disciples could not understand what the little thief was doing. Chen Qi's palm flame color is bright yellow, exquisite, burning more and more prosperous. What Chen Qi is doing is practicing Samadhi True Fire, one of the Seven True Fires, from the beginning. The root of the fire crow array is the true fire of Mao Ri, one of the thirteen precious flames. Before Chen Qi practiced, he only focused on the true fire of the sun. He had never practiced the true Fire of Samadhi, so he had no hope of understanding the true Fire of Mao Ri. But now that he has a profound cultivation, he already has enough magic power, and then turns around to practice Samadhi True Fire, which can be said to be accomplished in one move. In just half an hour, the true fire of Samadhi in Chen Qi's hands had already taken shape, and the little thief was not polite either. At that moment, he forced out a group of true fire seeds that he had built himself, and put the group of true fire of Samadhi in the palm of his hand. Just in a moment, the true fire seeds that had been mixed with some other things turned into the real fire of Mao Ri. The firepower was so strong that it was even more intense and overbearing than the real fire of the sun at the same. As soon as Chen Qi pinched it, he put the seed of true fire, which had been refined, into Lu Hongying's body. The seed of true fire entered the body. Lu Hongying's original part of the True Qi of the Fire System, like the boiling snow in the soup, was melted away, leaving only the seed of True Fire, which was the source of Mao Ri True Fire, burning in the Dantian. Chen Qi casually pinched the formula to urge, Lu Hongying only felt the heat wave rolling in her body, fragrant sweat dripping, I do not know how many impurities, Chen Qi used this group of true fire seeds to re-refine the fire to force out. "Disciple Hong Ying," Chen Qi said softly, "I've refined the seeds of true fire for you, and I've washed your marrow and cut your bones for you. It won't be long before you can practice and understand the orifices and acupoints of your whole body. As for whether you can step into the layer of induction heaven and earth, it depends on your luck. Go down and change your clothes, so that you can live in a stable place. Lu Hongying was Chen Qi with such overbearing means, the impurities in the body are forced out, the whole body quite some fishy smell, more some soft feet, then worship a few times, full of gratitude to the second layer of the Diamond Pagoda bath and change clothes. The Vajra Pagoda has a vast space, and Chen Qi's four female disciples have already transformed the second floor into a rather luxurious one. After all, they are all from wealthy families, and there is no lack of application. Chen Qi took one look at Rongrong, but did not use the means of promoting Li Hongying to reform the female disciple. Instead, he asked lightly, "What you are doing now is complicated. I don't know which way you want to major in the future." Rongrong hesitated a little, but when she saw Chen Qi's way of forcibly improving Lu Hongying's constitution, she thought to herself, "I'm different from Elder Martial Sister Hongying. I've already passed the stage of refining Qi and induction. If I have to wash the marrow and cut the bones like this, I'm afraid I can start to congeal.". Master himself has already refined the spirit of Gang, which must have been arranged for me. The Buddhist method can not be guessed,Magnesium Sulphate producer, and even she herself has not been able to break through the Dharma taught by Tian Gu Xian Niang. What else do you need to think about? Of course, it is to take the Fire Crow Sutra taught by Master. Then Rongrong opened her mouth and said, "I'd rather specialize in the Fire Crow Sutra." 。 stargrace-magnesite.com