10 Things to Know About the NBA 2K22 Release Date, Features, and 22 MyTEAM Promo Packs

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“I'm not even sure how to describe how I'm feeling

“I'm not even sure how to describe how I'm feeling. When I first saw the cover, I was completely taken aback because I had worked my entire life to be in the same room as those two gentlemen. So I can definitely show my friends and brag a little bit about having a stamp with the 2K cover, but it's a true honor to be recognized in this way."Durant expressed his gratitude for being invited to appear on the cover of buy NBA 2K22 MT with two legends. Luka Doncic, the current star of the Dallas Mavericks, will grace the cover of the game's standard edition, which will be released later this year.“That's someone who has put a lot of effort into developing every aspect of the game. If the smaller players can do it, there is no reason why a seven-footer can't do it as well. He's been a virtual MVP candidate for the past two seasons, and he was named to the NBA's first team once more this season. So, he still has a long career ahead of him, to put it another way.

NBA 2K22 has quietly released a massive next-generation update - the price will vary depending on the edition and platform
“When they see me on there, maybe they will be inspired to look into what I did, how I did it, and the length of time that I spent doing it over,” Abdul-Jabbar said of his fans. The holder of a record must recognize that it is a fleeting moment in time, says the author. NBA star Kevin Durant wants to see Abdul-Jabbar's illustrious career recognized on the cover of a video game that sells millions of copies each year. When it comes to all-time greats, Durant believes that Kareem is underappreciated. “I'll be happy to congratulate him because the records are only there to see how well we're doing as an MT NBA 2K22,” he says.

Version 1.012 of NBA 2K22's Next-Generation Update and Patch Notes are now available. It is expected to continue to dominate the discussion
According to Abdul-Jabbar, "I don't know if he'll be able to catch up to me at this point."In previous years, Abdul-Jabbar's player has appeared in the game as a member of historic or all-time teams, as well as in the MyTeam section of the game. If LeBron James, 36, continues to perform well in the NBA, he has a chance to break Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's scoring record. James is currently in third place, just over 3000 points shy of Abdul-Jabbar.“I believe that all of those factors should be taken into consideration when evaluating someone's abilities and greatness in the game.”“He's the all-time leading scorer, he invented an unguardable shot, he's won multiple championships and MVP awards, so to see him continuing to be involved with the basketball community and being featured on the cover of 2K is pretty cool.”

Candace Parker, the first ever WNBA player, appears as a variant cover for NBA 2K22, which is available now
When it comes to height, it is ridiculous to say that you can't handle the ball if you're over six feet tall. Kevin Durant, who stands at 208cm, has spent the majority of his NBA career as an outside player who can shoot three-pointers and handle the ball.“I think it was inevitable, you know?” says the author. According to Abdul-Jabbar.“He'll have to make sure he stays healthy. On a few occasions, he has inflicted personal injury on himself. All that really matters is how long you can play safely without endangering your health in the long run. And I wish him the best of luck. Hope he stays healthy, and we'll see what happens from there. -The kid is only 22 years old, and he's already performing at an unbelievable level on the field. He talked about his favorite players who are currently on the court, which naturally included Doni, the Mavericks' star player and the Mavericks' focal point.

NBA 2K22 is now available for pre-order and pre-download on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles, as well as on PC
“If I put in the effort, I might be able to adapt to the three-point shot.”I didn't really try to learn how to shoot the three-point shot until right before I decided to retire from the game. So I'm not sure if I could emulate some of the guys who are seven-footers now and who can go out to the three-point line and be a problem for opposing teams.”Despite the fact that my shot was inconsistent, I believe I would still be a post scorer today. They would want me to be taking two-point shots because I have a lifetime shooting percentage of 56 percent,” Abdul-Jabbar explained. He had only made one three-pointer in his entire career, and he wondered what kind of player he would be in today's game if he had to play today. He was born in a time when coaches would not allow big men to dribble the ball or shoot three-pointers, and he grew up in an era when coaches would not allow big men to dribble the ball or shoot three-pointers.