Davinci DC100, new electric motor with sophisticated technical solutions

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Davinci DC100, new electric motor with sophisticated technical solutions

Chinese newspaper Davinci Dynamics has presented its new product electric motor DC100. If a particular model is taken from the point of view of the design and by the technical source, there is a work that and lasted for 7 years. The builder describes this as his kind as a sort of “robot su due ruote“Through the multiple sensors that are available, which serve to render the guide comfortable and above all secure in all conditions.To get more news about davincimotor, you can visit davincimotor.com official website.

The motto is in the degree of relevant information such as ambient temperature, peak angle, speed, acceleration, caricature, terrain type and each difference between the speed of the route. These data are used to control the accuracy of the power, to guarantee optimal performance. In this way, the person can count on an easy and secure guide experience.
With the advanced functions and operation of the Hill-start Assist Control which facilitates the partition in salita, the Ride Assist which allows to move the motorcycle at 7 km / h to render the partition more smoothly, the Downhill Assist Control which regulates the speed in order to optimize whether the balance and the recovery of energy, the assistant for the retromarcia, the control of the traction and the combined brake.

The moto supports gli OTA aggregations. This means that its functionality can be improved and enhanced. I futuro, arriverà anche la car mobility function which will allow to maintain the balance even without the driver. A solution can be found in some advanced prototypes but not on a moto that should arrive on the market. Addirittura, the constructor talks about the possibility that the engine can only have its driver while moving.
There is no shortage of a convenient app that allows you to control the electric motor of the remote and use it as digital key. Speaking of specific technicals, the electric motor mounted directly on the rear window is in grado di erogare 100.75 kW with 850 Nm of coppia. To feed a 17.7 kWh battery which can be enriched even in continuous flow. (which has a difference between kW and kWh) The Chinese manufacturer operates in 15 minutes to increase 85% of capacity. Let maximum speed is 200 km / h, while going from 0 to 100 km / h only a little over 3 seconds. Impressive autonomy. The march will take you about 357 km to the WLTP cycle (400 km NEDC).

The moto can be ordered. The price for the European market is 26,000 euros. The subscription carries a deposit of 150 euros. The freight forwarding operations depart from the air of 2022. Precisely on the part, the specifics are quasi “incredible” seen as offering the other electric motor. It will be interesting to see if this model will show all its promises.

Davinci Dynamics has released a nude version of the DC100 called DC Classic, assembled to mano and made in limited series (50 units). Available in some sophisticated solutions like Öhlins anterior suspensions, Brembo fringe pins, cell in skin and various personalized parts. The specifics of the powertrain are similar to that of the DC100. The price? 78,000 euros with the forwarding that will take place from April 2022.