Chief TE Travis Kelce joins the "99 Club" of "Madden NFL 21"

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Kansas City Chief TE Travis Kelce joined his quarterback in a very unique club in "Madden NFL 21".

In the latest roster update, Kelce scored 99 points overall in "Madden NFL 21" and EA Sports called it "99 Club". It is only available to players with Madden 21 Coins acquired in the current Madden video game franchise. Usually, it matches the performance of players throughout the NFL season.

Chief QB Patrick Mahomes was surprised at Kelsi in the team equipment room and let him know that he now has a score of 99 in the latest version of Madden. Back in July, Kelce was the one who broke the news to Mahomes, and he will receive an overall rating of 99 when the game is released.

Kells said: "I gave it to Pat earlier this year. It was a kind of paint, and then I entered the team." "I played Madden all my life, and all the guys I admired in the 90s grew up. It’s big, and indeed, I reached Takayama Park in a video game."

Kerches is the second Chiefs player to join the "99 Club" this season, the only team with two players with a total of 99 points. He became seventh of the year, with an overall rating of 99 points. Players can get this character through Buy Madden 21 Coins.

Chief WR Tyreek Hill seems to be the third player to join his teammate. Hill's overall ranking in the game is 98, and he himself may be 99, because every cornerback in the game is like they are the main Philip Gaines. Despite this, Hill still hopes to formally join the teammate list in the next few weeks, because he will break the franchise record of getting touchdowns in a single season and only score three touchdowns in the next four games.