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According so that you can statistics, ever since the cooperation amongst Jinnong Using tobacco Cooperative plus Mulberry yeast cooperative, jinnong using tobacco Cooperative includes planted above 550, 000 supports of agaric yeast, more as compared with 200, 000 supports of mushroom and many more than 230, 000 baggage of ganoderma lucidum, realizing a strong accumulated expenditure value greater than 7 , 000, 000 yuan including a profit greater than 500, 000 yuan, driving thirty four poor households to extend their salary by above 12, 000 yuan each one. Le 'an using tobacco Newport Cigarettes Carton Cheap department as well makes full make use of the nonproductive 1, 600 this baking rooms while in the Cheap Newport 100s Free Shipping county to set photovoltaic electricity USA Cigarettes Store generation field, which alone do an total annual output cost of couple of. 6 , 000, 000 yuan and add to the income with poor using tobacco farmers by way of 3250 yuan a household. "After co-operatives' wedding, idle using tobacco greenhouses, barns and various resources were fully made use of, promoting a development with edible fungus, photovoltaic and various industries, considerably increasing a income with co-operatives, using tobacco farmers plus poor houses, and accelerating the stride of using tobacco farmers to shed poverty and stay well-off. inch Jinnong using tobacco cooperative overseer Zeng Hualong reported.