Additionally there are more rewards for opening

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Of course, if are fortunate, you can obtain three inside one casket. The worth of items in the table ranges between 10k and 100k however, there are RS gold exceptions like Rune Scmitar Ornament Kit (Zamorak) which could be bought for up to 500k gold on Grand Exchange. Beyond unique drops there's not much worth mentioning within these caskets.

At this level players will get anywhere between 2 and 4 items. The unique drop table of this game contains a lot of items, and the value of the loot may differ. There are many items that cost only some thousand gold however, there are some unique drops.

The first and the most expensive one is the Cape of Skulls. While this item has identical stats and base stats to Obsidian Cloak, it also has a distinct appearance that is coveted by a lot of players. This is why the cape costs over 20 million gold. There are many other capes with gold values of over 1 million, gold trimmed monk robes , with values of several million dollars, and many sets that cost hundreds of thousands of gold.

Medium Clues are probably most popular among the RuneScape community because they offer fantastic rewards, and do not require demanding requirements. While there are many things are available inside The most well-known item which deserves to be recognized are the two Ranger Boots. It is worth over 30 million gold in the Grand Exchange. Even though medium clues don't offer the same high-priced rewards such as the easy scrolls however, they offer an increased chance of Ranger Boots than Easy Casket does in the Cape of Skulls.

Additionally there are more rewards for opening Medium Casket than you would for a simple one (so you can expect to receive things including shield h3, H2, or the helm shield h3). In addition to The Ranger Boots from a separate drop list, you will also find Spiked Manacles that cost over 1 million. The rest of the rewards aren't as valuable as these two things.

Though it's not the same unique drop table in terms of value to Medium Casket that is from the hard difficulty to easy, you also have an opportunity to play the extremely rare table. You can get a wide range of items that are extremely costly including 3rd Age Equipment and Gilded Parts with the value of hundreds, or even thousands in millions (like 3rd Age Platebody). Additionally, items from a unique drop table can be valuable as they come with osrs firecape service four items that cost over 1 million gold. Also the chances of getting more rolls for rewards with a hard Clue than with a medium One So, generally they will yield better drops.