Path of Exile: Atlas echoes expansion plan to arrive on January 20

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Recently, the developer Grinding Gear Games announced the "Voice of Atlas", the game will be officially released on the PC on January 15th, and the console version will be released on the 20th in January.

 When they faced Atlas' most dangerous competitor, Maven was eager to witness them fighting for survival. Killing the three map bosses in front of you will ensure that you can be summoned to the kingdom and require them to defeat the three bosses again (at the same time). Then he will challenge you to defeat four bosses, then five, then six, and finally ten. Only after showing incredible power, Maven will face the Warriors.

When they prove that they are capable, players will be able to control their own atlas by unlocking the area passive tree, thereby increasing rewards when exploring various locations in the game. The new endgame rewards include three new types of forged sentinel stones. These valuable items will allow you to upgrade your atlas and increase the types of rewards you can find on the map. Players who manage to obtain these powerful rewards will know that they are much better than ordinary Sentry Stones: they are interchangeable, do not expire with use, and can condense their benefits.

Another new endgame reward, Maven Orb, will affect items with two or more modifiers. When used on POE Currency, it will randomly enhance one of these affected modifiers and delete other modifiers, so choose wisely. If the upgraded modifier is already in the highest tier, it will be upgraded to the new promotion tier.

In addition to all the updates available in the Path of Exile expansion, the critically acclaimed mechanics Harvest and Heist have returned to the main game with some additional improvements. In harvesting, players will find a gateway to the establishment of a garden, and there are several sets of harvestable crops in the garden, instead of planting and managing their own sacred forest. When choosing each pair of options, please carefully weigh the difficulties encountered compared with POE Items. If you can kill the monsters that appear, players will receive life force as a reward, which can be used to improve (and greatly improve) their items. In Heist, the Heist contract will appear from the sixth Act. The Forsaken will upgrade their skills faster, the badge will be thrown bigger, and once the mission is available, the mission contract will now appear in the smuggler's next chest.